Dilapidations • Protection

Gain peace of mind that your interests are protected to the highest level. Our expert Dilapidations Surveyors produce detailed Schedule of Conditions and Terminal Dilapidation Reports for both landlords and tenants, including costs so you can evaluate your position clearly.

Dilapidation Overview


Dilapidations are part of a legal procedure based on any breaches of covenant in the lease, relating to the condition of the property. The repairs required during….

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Dilapidation Surveys

To protect your interests, we can provide a Schedule of Dilapidations and Final Assessment for both tenants and landlords. We can negotiate on your behalf and progress claims in accordance with the RICS Dilapidations Practice Note and Guidance, as well as the Dilapidations Protocol 2012.


Schedule of Conditions


You can significantly limit your liability with a Schedule of Conditions that documents the state of the building prior to tenancy. All reports are comprehensive, photographic and accompanied by written observations, whilst taking your final Dilapidation Claim into consideration. 

Dilapidation Tax Planning

Do you spread your dilapidations costs – tax deductable? So you can make accounting provisions (Accounting Standard 37), we assess and estimate the costs of repairs, redecorations and reinstatements you’ll need to make at the end of your lease. We can also liaise with your accountant to discuss our findings.


Interim Schedules


If you’re concerned your property investment is falling into disrepair during your tenant’s lease term, we can produce a Schedule of Repairs to prompt works. Similarly, if you’re served an Interim Schedule, we’ll ensure you only have to complete works that are necessary under the Leasehold Property Repair Act 1938.

Dilapidations Case Study

Tree of Life had carried out works to their industrial unit. Their landlord issued a financial claim for further repairs. We negotiated a 42% saving for Tree of Life on the final settlement. This meant the client only paid for the repair works they were responsible for and fulfilled their tenancy lease covenant.


Services delivered


1) Oversight of tenant’s dilapidation works for an industrial unit in Woking, Surrey.

2) Advice on works necessary.

3) Negotiation for a financial settlement of the repairs in dispute.

I have employed Jonathan Cornes Associates on a number of jobs, including Schedules of Dilapidations. They have provided a detailed and prompt service and have always kept me up to date with progress.
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