Case study: Dilapidations support for landlords

hardhat-iconVinewood used to be out of the office, handling tenant exits themselves

As a busy commercial landlord, Vinewood Property Developers knew that outsourcing time consuming dilapidations work would benefit the business. Specialist expertise also meant they’d be paid faster and could be sure they were compliant.

“ Jonathan Cornes Associates always manage to get us what we need as a landlord. I have faith in them to work on our behalf. With help to get a large chunk of what we’re owed, we’re able to make sure our properties are in the best condition for our tenants.”
Craig Clarke, Director at Vinewood

We recovered 80% of dilapidations costs from the most recent tenant

Following a site inspection, we produced Vinewood’s dilapidations claim at the end of a tenants lease. This identified all defects in the property, with regards to the lease obligations.
After meeting the tenant’s representative, we negotiated the cost of returning the building to its proper state. Vinewood then simply reviewed our recommendations and gave final approval on what was a vastly higher than average cost recovery.

Dilapidations protocol is constantly changing

The more accurate and detailed our knowledge, the more we can get back for the landlord. This means awareness of new case law is invaluable – professional advice about dilapidations protocol ensures you don’t miss out as a landlord.
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) offer guidance and we work specifically to RICS’ code of practice. This way, you can always be certain you’re fully compliant.
If you’d like more freedom to work on other areas of your business, like looking after existing tenants or interviewing new ones, get in touch with our dilapidations specialists.

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Vinewood Property Developers have a strong portfolio of commercial property, including the Pall Mall office block, Hanley and Berkeley Court Shopping Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme. We have an ongoing relationship, providing regular dilapidations support.

Vinewood were able to return their properties to the best state thanks to dilapidations recoveries.

Need to recover more of your dilapidations claim?

You can rely on us for the most current knowledge on all policy and case law. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out as a landlord, whilst keeping you compliant at all times. You can task us to act on your behalf for inspections and negotiations, allowing you to focus where you’re needed.
If you’d like qualified support with your properties and tenants, contact us for more information.

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