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Get your asking price & save time selling your house  

You’ll no doubt want to do everything in your power to get your asking price. Otherwise, you risk leaving money on the table. Selling a house can be stressful but arming yourself with knowledge really helps. We’ve put together our top tips to help move the process along – and improve your chances of getting your asking price. […]


Business Awards: Making use of all our strengths to stay ahead of the game

Two new members of staff are set to join us in the coming weeks - that'll take our team to nine and we couldn't be more pleased! Despite the recession, the company has been expanding steadily since 2007, meaning more specialist services for clients. Here's how we've made use of our network - and every resource available to us. From establishing a property and construction group, to holding free drop-in advice sessions. We try to create opportunites for the wider building industry in North Staffordshire. So this year, cross your fingers and toes fr us. We've decided to enter the sought after Sentinel Business [...]


Should commercial tenants pay for building surveyors?

Knowing where you stand with tenants, building surveyor costs and property repairs. No landlord wants to receive that dreaded phone call - the one from a tenant with an endless list of complaints. Roof leaks, damp, draughts - the list could go on so it pays to know where you stand. As a commercial landlord, there are few things more important than knowing your tenant's full obligations, documented in your lease. The cost of staying in the dark could be making repair costs your tenant should be paying for, or paying building surveyors when it's the tenant's duty. It’s always difficult to [...]


Scheme Design: Plans approved for new dementia care unit, Leek  

Planning permission has been granted to build a new residential dementia care unit in the centre of Leek, Staffordshire. After beating off tough competition from a Manchester-based architect practice, we’re pleased to be designing the scheme. Learn more > Due to be located on Broad Street in Leek, the three-storey, 22-bed care unit will replace the derelict car garage, which currently stands on the plot of land. Our brief is to try to achieve the gold standard in dementia care and we're up for the challange. Recent national news coverage highlighted the intense demands being placed on carers. And, a [...]


A beginner’s guide to building surveys and listed properties: Beyond the bank survey

Many people are surprised to learn that 4.8 million homes in England and Wales were built before 1919. A rich history of architecture indeed, but one that makes an independent building survey a must for listed property. It’s true to say that property is by far the single most expensive purchase many of us will make (listed building or not). Even so, less than 10% of buyers have an independent building survey of any kind. That’s quite a risk to take. What we’re not including here are the mandatory bank or building society surveys and valuation inspections - with good [...]


Is a bank survey enough when you’re buying property?

Then most important comparison you need to make between building surveys and bank surveys. Building surveys are not solely for peace of mind, you know. They help you to avoid problems - so you can focus on turning your home into your castle. However, recent research showed less than half of buyers arranged a building survey when purchasing their property. (And if you read our last article - A beginner's guide to building surveys and listed buildings - you'll understand how vulnerable you make yourself, if you buy without a building survey). There's more: A quarter of those who had purchased property in the [...]


The reason you really, really need a Construction Project Manager

Construction projects can stall for many reasons: a mothballed site, lapsed planning, or pre-commencement planning conditions that have not been discharged. It could be that you have no environmental impact assessment (EIA), ecology survey or structural appraisal. You might even have asbestos issues, mechanical and electrical design or Party Wall matters to resolve - the list can go on! If your project keeps stalling and you don’t know where to start, an experienced Construction Project Manager can get you through the minefield of red tape and set you on the right path. Statutory compliance is constantly changing with the introduction [...]