Knowing where you stand with tenants, building surveyor costs and property repairs.

No landlord wants to receive that dreaded phone call – the one from a tenant with an endless list of complaints. Roof leaks, damp, draughts – the list could go on so it pays to know where you stand. As a commercial landlord, there are few things more important than knowing your tenant’s full obligations, documented in your lease. The cost of staying in the dark could be making repair costs your tenant should be paying for, or paying building surveyors when it’s the tenant’s duty.

It’s always difficult to know what to do if your property starts to show signs of disrepair:

  • Should you just pay and get things fixed?
  • Is the tenant liable?
  • Is it worth paying for a surveyor?
  • …is it even you who has to pay for the surveyor?

What many landlords aren’t aware of is this: if your lease includes repairing obligations for your tenants, it may also include provision for the appointment of a building surveyor. The surveyor can then identify necessary repair works, as well as measures for implementation of those works.

Potentially, not only could you recover the costs of the works but also the cost of the surveyor required.

If you’re unsure, what’s needed is a professional review of the terms and conditions in the lease, so you’re not left out of pocket. Many landlords end up settling the bill themselves, simply because they’re unaware of their contractual entitlements. Tenants are obligated to keep your property in good condition throughout the duration of their lease. If you suspect the property is not being adequately maintained, this could mean a sharp decrease in the value of your property. In this instance, we would issue a repairing schedule to the tenant on your behalf. In legal terms, this is known as an Interim Schedule of Dilapidations.

All charges related to the repairing schedule could be recovered from the tenant.

If you have any doubts about your contractual arrangements, get in touch with our stoke-on-trent building surveyors today. We’ll review your contract closely, then explain your options clearly to help put you on the right path. If you have even a small concern that you’re missing out, isn’t this worth looking into?