Case study: Grade II listed building Schedule of Works and specialist Building Inspection for Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Project 1: Grade II listed building, Jubilee Hall: Schedule of Works for complex roof repairs

A report in January 2013 suggested problems with the roof of Jubilee Hall, Stoke. Leaks had persisted for years with contractors unable to locate the cause in order to isolate and prevent water ingress internally. As to be expected, the roof of this Victorian building was not in the best condition and Stoke-on-Trent Council needed a building survey to identify the cause in order to produce a Schedule of Works for the repairs.

We carried out a detailed survey, inspecting a complex roof structure of lead, glazed roof lights, flat roofing, slate pitched roofs, parapet walls and valley gutters.


Jubilee HallThe Council were looking for a specialist surveyor who had experience and knowledge of working on listed buildings.

Our team are experienced with the different approach and techniques listed buildings call for. We pinpointed the problems, enabling us to compile a repair methodology for the roof’s defects.

This included the production of a layout drawing, which was highlighted into different categories and supported by a thorough Schedule of Works. This gave the Council a full understanding of what was required and the likely costs.

“ We were particularly impressed by the amount of advice concerning how to complete the works to Building Regulations. The report meant we were able to issue a good tender and got a competitive price. The level of detail in the report, alongside images and detailed drawings, led to a successful job with no problems and was useful to the contractor.”
Alfredo Lozano, Quantity Surveyor
City Renewal Directorate, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Tunstall Town HallProject 2: Heritage Lottery Fund requirements for Tunstall Town Hall

With the exception of a small area of the ground floor, Tunstall Town Hall had sat vacant for a considerable number of years. As with any vacant building, Stoke-on-Trent Council had a responsibility to inspect it on a regular basis, particularly as funding was obtained for its up-keep.

A full building survey and schedule of condition identified defects to the property that had incurred since its last inspection. Remedial measures for the repairs were then mapped out, with indications of the likely cost. This equipped the Council with a benchmark for expected costs.

Our findings and recommendations formed a detailed building survey report, which Stoke Council will action and use to monitor the building’s condition going forward. This way, they can make informed decisions at every juncture and preserve this historic estate.

“ This was a 10/10 service. I’d recommend Jonathan Cornes Associates for future projects.”
Alfredo Lozano, Quantity Surveyor
City Renewal Directorate, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Carmountside CrematoriumProject 3: Building inspection for water ingress at Carmountside Crematorium

Rain water ingress inside the crematorium was causing damage to Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium, Abbey Hulton. The challenge was that nobody could ascertain how the water was getting inside. From crypt to roof, we conducted a visual inspection on-foot and by cherry picker. Following the inspection, we were able to draw up an extremely detailed report, outlining the solution to the leaks.

The Council were able to plan the best way to resolve an otherwise ongoing issue, which will save them time and money. Being fully informed about the likely costs of the works means the Council know what to expect when putting the repair project out to tender with local contractors.

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