Commercial Project Management

At Jonathan Cornes Associates, we offer bespoke outstanding commercial core services in Commercial Project Management and Design; Dilapidation; and Building Surveying.

We are proud to work alongside clients on a number of projects, and have done so for the last fourteen years. We also pride ourselves on the superb professional relationships we build with those we work for and/or alongside: Because what we do at JCA isn’t just about buildings. It’s about people, too…..

We have successfully worked alongside The St David Group before, and our latest joint project is an exciting one located in Greater Manchester.

Flat Conversions

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Commercial Project Management and Design, and our latest work alongside The St David Group focuses on a large property near the centre of Bury.

The existing property will eventually be converted into a number of attractive flats. It’s a similar project to that one that JCA recently undertook with The St David Group in Stoke-on-Trent, at Majestic Court.  That saw two floors of a former office building completely overhauled and converted into 28 attractive, self-contained studio apartments. On that occasion, we used our extensive know-how and experience to project manage the conversion, and that is exactly what we’ll be doing in Topping Street.

JCA Director Jonathan Cornes stated that, “We work really well in tandem with other companies because we provide clear, expert support and advice which ensures conclusive decisions will be reached. We’ve greatly enjoyed working alongside the outstanding team at St David Group as they are thorough, professional and personable – just like JCA.

And this level of collaboration is really needed on projects such as the one in Bury, as this is a derelict cotton mill that needs remedial work before the project can even go any further!”

Collaboration with The St David Group

JCA have recently undertaken similar work in the North West of England which has seen successful conversion and completion of flats and apartments in a range of properties. This includes converting two three-story Victorian properties in Merseyside into one, with a glazed atrium added to stunning effect.

This was a property that had been derelict for five years and had been badly damaged by fire, and it had encountered other relatable problems that are faced by uninhabited properties, too”, noted Jonathan Cornes, before adding, “but each project we manage is very individual, with its own set of problems and issues. But at JCA we see these as opportunities….”

Dan Wainwright, from The St David Group’s Senior Management Team, commented on their latest collaboration and project with JCA…..


Topping Mill in Bury will be the third project that we have done with JCA, going back to 2015 when they worked for us on Majestic Court in Stoke. They were local to that project, but we were so pleased with what they did we are now using them for work in Manchester, too.

The intention is to convert Topping Mill into residential use for the rental market. JCA are helping us to determine what will fit into the building and what is likely to achieve planning consent. They will then manage the project through the planning and building regulation stages, specify the works and produce construction drawings, obtain tenders and oversee the conversion works on site.”

New build or conversion, at JCA you’ll get a thorough, detailed project management and design service – we have extensive experience over a wide range of developments of all sizes and in a variety of industries and sectors. It’s important to remember that all buildings are different, and so is our work. For example, conversion can often be cost-effective, especially in towns or cities where space comes at a premium price, whereas for greenfield sites a new build may be the better option. But whatever the project, rest assured that your commercial objectives remain at the very heart of everything we do.


Ask yourself, do you need professional, knowledgeable and personable Commercial Project Management and Design help and support?

…..and do you want that help and support to come from a company that has an outstanding track record, and one that will deliver exactly what you want and deserve?

The Next Steps

JCA headquarters are based right in the heart of the country (in Staffordshire) and we also have offices in Manchester, Birmingham and London – so we are in the perfect position to discuss how we can work closely with you to ensure you get an outstanding, professional, co-ordinated service.