Case study: Residential Project Management

hardhat-iconJon and Debra Heylings wanted to unlock the full potential of their house. Like most people considering renovation, they weren’t sure where to begin – or what was possible.

The 2-storey, flat-roofed property was nestled in the Staffordshire countryside, with uninterrupted views of the Welsh mountains. Keen to enlarge and enhance their two bedroom, two bathroom home, the couple asked our project managers to help open their eyes to the possibilities.
After researching the history of the house, we discovered what was feasible structurally and put a series of ideas forward based on a specific budget.

Working with a £140,000 budget, we proposed a value-adding renovation:

  • Construction of an extra floor on top of the existing flat roof, creating a three storey house
  • Extending their living space, meaning a total of five bedrooms, five bathrooms and five living spaces
  • A pitched slate roof with a fully rendered exterior
  • Juliette balconies, to leverage the superb views across the surrounding countryside
“ We couldn’t wait to get started, designs and planning approval were all completed very quickly. Throughout the project, the team didn’t hesitate to visit us in-person when we had questions. They managed the construction team on our behalf and made the entire process stress-free.”
Jon Heylings

Despite complex construction, the couple were still able to live in their house for the full 9 month project.

Once they were happy with the architectural designs, we gained planning permission on the Heylings’ behalf. We put the project out to tender with several trusted, local builders, then helped select the company with the best offer of price, quality and expertise.


Steel beams to support the pitched steel roof were later positioned with extreme precision. The entire front of the house was glazed, so specialist installation was vital. After construction, we ensured the outer rendering was so perfect, you couldn’t see the join between the floors.

The couple were able to inspect all the new fittings before installation (items like baths and showers). We wanted to make sure they were happy every step of the way.


The property is now for sale with Louis Taylor for an extra £400,000 above the original purchase price
in 2009.

Within 9 months, the property was transformed. With an extra 90% of living space and dramatic increase in value, the couple can capitalise on the panoramic views to the West and North, as far as the Welsh mountains and Cheshire plains.

“ We really couldn’t have been happier with the end result and the service along the way. The sole reason we’re now selling the property is to move closer to our three children in Macclesfield. Jonathan Cornes Associates managed to create our dream home.”
Jon Heylings

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