Construction projects can stall for many reasons: a mothballed site, lapsed planning, or pre-commencement planning conditions that have not been discharged. It could be that you have no environmental impact assessment (EIA), ecology survey or structural appraisal. You might even have asbestos issues, mechanical and electrical design or Party Wall matters to resolve – the list can go on!

If your project keeps stalling and you don’t know where to start, an experienced Construction Project Manager can get you through the minefield of red tape and set you on the right path.

Statutory compliance is constantly changing with the introduction of new building regulations, planning policies, health and safety standards, utilities and environmental constraints. These obstacles have to be dealt with in a professional, timely and proficient manner. This is the only way to prevent the project from coming to a grinding halt, sometimes before it has even started.

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What’s the role of the Construction Project Manager (or Employer’s Agent)?

By taking an independent view of the project, a Project Manager will ensure that cost, time and quality are not jeopardised by the commercial pressures of delivering the project. This independent advice is invaluable in ensuring that a project of any size is delivered in a systematic and efficient way. The services that could be provided include:

  • Clarify the clients requirements / brief
  • Co-ordinate a development team
  • Funding / legal and marketing co-ordination
  • Develop the design
  • Resolve Statutory requirements
  • Estimate the project cost
  • Tender the project
  • Tender analysis
  • Appoint contractors
  • Budget forecasting
  • Construction contract administration
  • Construction programming
  • Cost valuations
  • Certify payments
  • Client reporting and meeting records
  • Review / advise of contract variations / omissions
  • Regular site inspections, monitor the works and reporting
  • Snagging inspection & handover report

Each project is unique and some may only require a few of the above the services, others will need more. Whatever stage you are at with your project and whatever barriers you have encountered, taking independent advice from a professional Project Manager or Employer’s Agent can get you back on track. Having a knowledgeable, experienced Project Manager to hand means there’s someone to represent your best interests ‘on-site’.

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